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Mobizou Engage


Mobizou Announces Big Updates to Their Location Based Marketing Platform


Mobizou has launched its “Engage” customer referral and retention platform for premium retailers. Mobizou Engage enables retailers to leverage brand advocates to drive new business and increase sales. The Mobizou Engage platform provides a custom white label mobile app for iOS and Android – the app uses the latest location-based mobile marketing technologies to help premium retailers connect with customers in a new way. Mobizou’s technology can even be fully integrated with existing POS systems.


Mobizou Engage gives premium retailers access to the emerging  location-based marketing trend. Mobizou greatly simplifies entry into the mobile marketing space by providing fully branded iOS and Android apps specifically designed for the retailer’s business, and  completely manages the entire process. Mobizou builds, publishes, and maintains the retailer’s custom app, allowing them to focus on their business. Mobizou takes care of the headaches that come with mobile apps so that retailers don’t have to.


“This enhancement to our platform was driven by feedback from our existing retail clients, who were looking for a better way to engage with potential new customers” – Arpad Barabas, CEO


Mobizou Engage lets retailers deliver location aware content to their customers via a custom mobile app. When a customer enters a pre-determined location (geo-fence), the Mobizou system recognizes them and pushes relevant content, specific to that retailer, directly to their smartphone. The platform easily allows the retailer to create and manage content and geo-fences tied to their store locations, special events, or even competitors, quickly, and in real-time.


“Mobizou delivers incredible results by making it easy to deliver the right message at the right time and place.” – George Achilleos, Mobizou Customer, Out There Adventure Centre


Additionally, Mobizou’s new “Share and Earn” plug-in delivers a customer referral platform and a customer satisfaction survey tool. The Share and Earn plug-in is a highly customizable toolkit that invites current customers to share their great customer experiences with friends, and allows them to earn rewards for doing so. A customer’s friends can also receive a special voucher to redeem against their next purchase. Vouchers and offers are fully customizable, making the Share and Earn toolkit flexible enough for virtually any retailer.


The survey tool helps retailers measure customer loyalty, and is based off of Net Promoter Score principles. This includes a comprehensive customer survey module allowing retailers to measure customer sentiment towards their brand. Retailers control when and where their customers receive surveys, making it a fantastic tool for gauging the impact of an individual promotion or event.

 Our press release can be found here.

Beacons vs Geofencing – What’s the difference?


Nice video from Mashable’s ask a dev series on explaining the difference between geofencing and beacons

The Mobizou Engage platform currently uses geofencing to deliver location aware content to users via mobile apps.  We are working hard to bring beacons into the mix which will add a whole new level of engagement.

One thing the video doesn’t explain too well is that one technology will not necessarily replace the other.  They each have their purposes.  With geo-fencing, for example, its range is anywhere from 200 to 1,000 meters.  While beacons, have a range of a few inches to 50 meters.  With such a wide range on each technology’s reach, they definitely can work extremely well in tandem.

For example, utilizing the geo-fencing feature, an app can alert an app user of particular offers or messages as they are walking by a particular store.  While in the store, beacon technology could be used to provide more targeted offers once the user reaches a specific display within the store, act as a mobile payment terminal between app and the beacon or could be used as part of a loyalty program.

Mobile Growth Helping Drive In-store Decision Making.

Infographic-2013-Mobile-Growth-Statistics-SmallThe good folks over at Super Monitoring have assembled the latest statistics for mobile growth in a rather nice infographic. While growth trends are, for the most part, predictable and inline with what you might expect to see, there are a few surprising statistics that show just how consumers are using their mobile devices to make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Restaurant and retail venues (specifically apparel and specialty) are the most common commercial places consumers use their devices
  • 80% of consumers use their mobile device to enhance their in-store shopping experience (Up 25% from last year)
  • 59% of consumer use their devices in-store to comparison shop, while 48% are looking for coupons and discounts

You can view the full infographic here. ( via )